Work hard, play hard

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January 15, 2014 by ukdesperatehousewifeusa

So, I am firm believer in having balance. This means I believe in working very hard to achieve your goals. I also believe in having fun.

So, there is a new Les Mills Body Pump track to the Work Hard, Play Hard song by David Guetta, Akon and NeYo.

During this track one of my favorite instructors (she is tough and plays by the rules) started singing along – but using the lyrics ‘Work hard, work hard’ instead of ‘Work hard, play hard’. And this bugged me a bit, because I think it’s sooooo very important to work hard, of course – but life is about playing too, and there are many rewards from that.

That aside, it’s a great track and wow, I could feel my muscles aching afterwards.

Getting my kit on

I’ve been busy with my new year fitness attire. Clothes – they are still so important, even when you work out. I wear fitness clothes every day, so it’s the key thing for me – to feel comfortable and cool.

fitbritukdesperatehousewifeusaI got me two new tops to reflect who I am…. Fit Brit and UK Desperate Housewife USA (which is my other blog, in case you are wondering!!)

I got a lot of comments about them today. Of course, my other favourite is Strong is the New Skinny, and I’ve got one on the way which reads ‘I was made to be AWESOME!’ These are motivational statements for me and for others. I am firm believer in that you will perform well if you feel good. It’s just the way it rolls.

Back in love with Jillian Michaels

Poor Jillian Michaels got a rough time recently for bombing at the Malibu Triathlon. I feel for her. We’re all great at different things – I am no marathon runner, but I can do a three hour Zumbathon and take four classes in a day. It’s where our strengths lie. For me, she is still at the top her fitness game and I am back in love with her stuff – especially stuff like this:

Feel the burn!


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