Clean and Lean Challenge

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January 1, 2014 by ukdesperatehousewifeusa

This time last year I set myself a goal of getting fitter for my fortieth year. It is officially my 40th year. So how am I doing?

Not bad, and not good.

Good veges!

Good veges!

The last three weeks have been blatantly terrible with over-indulgence and not a great deal of concerted effort with the exercise. My buttocks are on fire after a kickboxing workout yesterday. It hurts so good.

But this is a minor blip, because I am detoxing as from Jan. 6 (yes, I have one more holiday party to attend) and I am ramping up the exercise with some training, Insanity and hardcore workouts designed to transform the body. So, no booze from Jan, 6- 22 February is my plan. Why that date? Well, it’s about eight weeks and I have  a super fun party to go to on Feb. 22, so that’s a good goal in my book.

I’m also on a healthy-living (some call it diet) plan to get fit and lean and muscly, so that means no booze and lots of veges and clean eating. My shopping list and fridge are ready for the complete and utter transformation.


It’s going to be a long journey to get where I want to get to, since Naughty Spice is one of the most persistent people I’ve met and wants to come out and party a lot. Sigh, she’s just going to have to wait eight weeks.

And what of the exercise?

Insanity is going to take my body to new places and make me hurt in areas within my body I did not know existed – that’s the promise! I’ll be undertaking a new variety of exercises – changing up is the way forward. I can’t wait!



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