Don’t stop the party…!

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December 3, 2013 by ukdesperatehousewifeusa

Oh woe is me in my hard life in the 21st century. Because I have a dilemma and it sounds like this:

I can’t seem to keep on partying and keep the weight off and stay fit and healthy.


Yes, even to me, as I hit my 39th birthday (yes, dear readers, one more until I am 40) I am smacked in the face with the realisation that I can’t eat, drink and be merry and still be slim, fit and healthy. ‘It just don’t work that way, sweetheart.’

The ‘holiday season’ is upon us and in that includes my birthday. Which means lots of fun times, indulgent times and celebrating. And I dish out sage advice about health and fitness, and I am there at the top of both 90% of the time, but let me tell you that when it slips, it falls and crashes and burns and then there is this thing called GUILT, followed by MUFFIN TOP and SQUEEZING INTO YOUR PANTS. Sigh.

One of the many reasons why  that zipper is having a little trouble - party season!

One of the many reasons why that zipper is having a little trouble – party season!

Well 2014 is just around the corner and I have a year of so many things to achieve, I can’t begin to tell you. But those abs are in there and they are going to get an airing (they’re just covered in a joyful/sorrowful ring of wine and canapes at the moment.)

So, here are my two key pieces of advice for the party season, and, folks, I’m going to have to start taking it, because I’m my own worst enemy! 😉

Exercise to energise

Jumping from party to party can be a lot of fun (I do it!), but the late nights and increased drinking can sap your energy – believe me, I’m pooped today! It’s not unusual for people to take this as an excuse to skip their training when, in reality, there is no better way to clear out the cobwebs and get re-energised than to get into a workout. I didn’t want to go to work to take three classes today, but I did do it and I did feel better afterwards 🙂 Remember, though, alcohol is a diuretic so it’s crucial to ensure you are well hydrated before and during and after exercise. Take it easy if you’ve had a big night.

Canapes are not a meal

Oh, I love them!

Oh, I love them!

Sure, party food is a convenient substitute for a meal but canapés, dips, cheeses and all the catering you usually find at festive functions just don’t cut it as healthy options. I love that stuff and generally find it all a bit tempting. So, get some wholesome, nutritious food into you before you head out. It’ll help you avoid temptation, make sure your body is properly fuelled and keep your energy to higher levels.

Happy holiday season (and yes, don’t stop the party, but keep fit and healthy too!)


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