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September 4, 2013 by ukdesperatehousewifeusa

Aqua Fitness

When I said I was training in Aqua Fitness someone I know snorted. ‘The lowest form of exercise,’ she sniggered.

But no, it’s not! It is awesome! For starters, it adds in resistance to cardio, is a great abs workout and gets you toned. And it is popular with both men and women – take a look!

I’ve fallen in love with Aqua Fitness – tho it is darn hot standing on the poolside in the climate reserved for indoor pools!

Such fun!

Such fun!

The muscle of the month – triceps

I incorporate a lot of tricep work into all my routines now because that seems to be a problem area for a whole lot of women. ‘How do I get rid of this bit?’ they ask, wiggling the bits under their arms, fondly (or not) known as ‘bingo wings’.

Tricep dips, tricep pushbacks, tricep push ups, one arm press, stability ball push up. There’s a whole host of exercises and we use them a great deal in Zumba Toning, which is done with 1lb or 2.5lb weights.  And the class loves it!

So get working on those triceps folks!

Tricep dips with weights

Tricep dips with weights

Work it ladies!

Work it ladies!



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