Naughty Spice is on her holibobs

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August 7, 2013 by ukdesperatehousewifeusa

Sigh. I’m back in the UK and my fitness regime is shot to bits as Naughty Spice takes over.

It’s taken a back seat to family lunches, nights out with friends and the fact that everyone in the UK wants you to have tea and biscuits with them.

Whatever has happened to Sporty Spice?!

Whatever has happened to Sporty Spice?!

What I have managed to squeeze in fitness-wise, however, has been amazing, though, so that’s kind of interesting.

Day 4 I go for a 6am run. I’m so used to the humidity of Maryland that I am spurred on by the invigorating freshness of the English morning! I’m not dripping with sweat like  I usually am. It’s a brilliant run (ironically retracing the pub crawl route from my youth) and I feel so alive and full of endorphins that I stop by the shade of the canal and launch into my own personal 20 minute Zumba session and cool down.  Amazeballs!

Day 8 I play netball for an hour and a half. The best game ever, and one that the USA really needs to get its act together with. I streak like lightning across the court, enjoying playing a team game once again and feeling like I’m engaging in fun interval training. It’s been a year since I’ve played at this level, having only really had the chance to dabble in the USA. My heart is pumping and my legs are like jelly as we finish the matches – and who got player of the match? Only 38-year-old me  – not these 20 something gals!

Naughty Spice and chums do champers!

Naughty Spice and chums do champers!

And so, despite the few pounds added on this holiday and the lack of proper exercise, Naughty Spice has not won outright! I will be saying ‘cheerio’ to her in September during the week, anyway, as training for new fitness courses start, so maybe just one last ‘hurrah’ hey?!


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