Overdoing it a bit? Relax!

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July 11, 2013 by ukdesperatehousewifeusa

Take some time off…

Sometimes you might just be over-doing the exercise. It’s true!

My body shut off a few weeks ago and, as much as I jest about Naughty Spice taking over with the drinks and eats, in reality my body just said: ‘Enough, chill!’

I'm chillin' American-style

Busy working out or at least I’m thinking about it. I can take breaks, you know.

The thing is, exercise can become an addiction, and I had to miss a class three weeks ago. This disturbed me – I felt anxious and fretful. But once I had missed it, and there was nothing I could do about it, it was OK…I felt like I had been released in a strange sort of way. I’d freed myself – cold turkey, if you will, from the addiction. And my body is thanking me.

I’m still working out, but I’ve changed up what I am doing, and so it is resting and recuperating – so important for this to happen.

My other concern, or worry, is injury. My job is teaching classes – abs, Zumba, toning. If I injure myself, I am done for – that’s it. My ankles have been playing up recently, and the rest and recovery period will no doubt give them some chance to heal.

And so, I am concentrating on good food as part of the recovery process, like vegetarian spring rolls this very morning for breakfast – yes, breakfast! And the odd treat – it’s OK to treat yourself, really it is!



This girl’s thighs are on fire!

Ouch! It’s been three weeks since I last picked up the weights for Body Pump and squatted and lifted and squeezed.

Three weeks! ‘You’ll feel it,’ said my instructor. God, I felt it.

I could hardly walk the next day. My thighs were burning from all those squats – 124 of them to be exact.  Had I thought I was fit before? Had I really let my thighs go?  It shows you how, when you take some time out, you can really feel the affects when you get back to it. It HURTS!

In addition, I have not run for a while owing to the crazy heat. I’ve been swimming and doing all the indoor Zumba and toning stuff, but this heat’s a killer for the runner. I’m not partial to sweat dripping in my eyes, and I just don’t do the headband so well.



More Naughty!

More Naughty!

And Naughty Spice, she’s hanging around this summer….I can feel her presence when I put on my bikini. Sob, sob! She’s feeding my BBQ food and pouring my margaritas…still – it is summer and the party fever has been ever-present since July 4th!

Carbs, you see – my big, big downfall. But I have a plan from September….and it’s going to be awesome! Fit and fun – that’s the key! Watch this space…..



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