I will NOT be Prancercising!

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May 31, 2013 by ukdesperatehousewifeusa

To Prancercise or Not to Prancercise?

Ummmmm….NOT. EVER.

See here for a demonstration on how to Prancercise….

This will never be part of my fitness routine, but I do love this woman’s enthusiasm. Bless her!

Gym closing

I had a minor panic attack at Body Pump class last week when they reminded me that the gym will be closed for a whole week, as it does every summer.

A whole week!

However, after I spent four hours at the pool today and swam miles, I will happily change up my fitness routine for a week if the weather stays at 95 degrees! 🙂

Twenty lengths of this should do the trick!

Twenty lengths of this should do the trick!

Byebye Bikini

Sadly, my favourite bikini in the whole wide world took its last swim today. It’s hard to find the right bikini, it really is (a modern day woman’s problem that plagues for weeks before the summer or a holiday). One needs a bikini that allows for proper swimming, full support and sassiness all in one 🙂

What to do now….? I have my eye on this one…..

Seafolly swimwear - very nice!

Seafolly swimwear – very nice!


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