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May 17, 2013 by ukdesperatehousewifeusa

10 things in my Fitness World

Fitness thoughts this week:

1. Annoying fitness instructors – I’ve realised that I get annoyed by fitness instructors who use the mic piece to share their innermost thoughts – stuff about their lives that we are really not interested in, such as divorces, what music was played at their wedding, what they watched last night, how they gave birth etc.

I am here to WORK OUT. If I wanted this nonsense, I would be on the treadmill watching crap like Kelly and Michael.

Not part of my fitness routine :)

Not part of my fitness routine 🙂

2. Strong is the new skinny, and we like it very much – check out this post:

3. Walking is fabulous! Today I went for a 5k walk, to the gym and back(with a class in between), and tweeted this as I ambled in the sunshine: “If your question is do I walk or drive…? #justwalk #alwayswalk #doit #feelgreat” True? I think so 🙂

Walking in the sunshine - good for the soul!

Walking in the sunshine – good for the soul!

4. Set point – I learned about the body’s ‘set point’, which has helped enormously in my fitness goals.

Love this bit: ‘The secret is to work with, not against, your body’s natural tendencies and lose weight slowly, one silhouette at a time.’

5. Sleep – I need it, I like it, and it helps.

“….. survey shows those who don’t sleep enough are more likely to be depressed, overweight and less productive, and many simply don’t look as good when they’re not getting enough sleep. Officials with the Better Sleep Council said nearly half the people in America said they’re not getting enough sleep, but fewer than half of them take specific action to get that needed rest.”

7. FitBit – I am very excited about getting my FitBit Flex – due sometime next week. I will be monitoring everything with it, from my cardio, to steps taken, to calories in and out, to sleep…..

My lovely FitBit is on it's way!

My lovely FitBit is on it’s way!

8. Happy balance…. Sporty Spice and Naughty Spice can live side by side with a happy balance, and a little bit of moderation. But life is for LIVING! And happy hormones count for an awful lot!

9. Bloating and carrots! Well, I managed to change my protein bar addiction to another addiction – raw carrots. Good, nutritious, healthy – right?!

But there are some side effects to this, I found out. One evening I looked at my very, very bloated stomach with confusion.  Why so bloated? I’m working out, eating healthily.

And then I stumbled across this…..

The more you eat, the more you......

The more you eat, the more you……

And now I understand.

Now I need to find a new addiction!

10. I need more cardio! I love strength training, but I am like a puppy in the mornings, with bundles of energy and I need to let it out with heaps more cardio! That’s what makes me feel alive! Bring it on!



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