When exercise turns bad…..


April 21, 2013 by ukdesperatehousewifeusa

Pre-class gossip

I enjoy listening to some of the pre-class gossip that takes place before my Body Pump class. These are daytime women, so not workers, and they do this class because they like it and recognise the benefits. It’s fun and amusing to hear anecdotes and tales.

However, I took a Body Step class at the weekend since I wanted to try out the new routine that had been released.

The thing that struck me was this conversation:

Instructor to V skinny woman: You’re back! Did you love the new routine yesterday so much you’ve come back for more.

V skinny woman: No…….[pause]…..I’m just fat.

Instructor: Oh you’re not!

V skinny woman: I am. I had such a bad eating day yesterday, I have to work out today. I have to…..

Awkward silence ensues…..

And to my mind, that’s when exercise becomes bad, when you play off eating with exercising, using one to compensate the other.

If this woman had been a carrot, she would be a skinny as this one :)

If this woman had been a carrot, she would be a skinny as this one 🙂

Back in the game!

I gave myself the weekend off from 10am yesterday. My body needed to recover – I felt so tired this week, I even skipped a class on Friday!

This is how I recovered.... :)

This is how I recovered…. 🙂

But after a relaxing and energising weekend, I’m back in the game this week.

It reads thus:



Body Pump




Zumba Toning

Body Pump



Body Pump x2


Zumba Toning



Body Pump




Pilates Chair

And that will be my week from Monday-Saturday!

She's been working out!

She’s been working out!

Bring it on!


4 thoughts on “When exercise turns bad…..

  1. Nikka says:

    Haven’t tried it yet but doing it now will really make me feel good. Through this, I can have my step by step procedure on working out. Thanks for this wonderful sharing. I learned that not just relaxing can make me feel more relaxed but also these ways will help me have a healthier me.

  2. Steph says:

    What I usually do is skip a day for a rest because my gym instructor told me that I need to relax my muscle to allow it to grow. I’ll try what you did for your relaxation. Nice!

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