Too hot to pump!

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April 9, 2013 by ukdesperatehousewifeusa

Too hot to pump!

So I Facebooked last week to my Body Pump instructor that owing to the soar in temperatures I wouldn’t be at the noon Body Pump class because I would be sunbathing instead.

However, I take it all back because I got tooooo hot sitting out in that glorious sunshine that I need to escape in to the air-conditioned room of the gym just for an hour to indulge in some Body Pump.

She made it to class, just like me :)

She made it to class, just like me 🙂

How they mocked me! “It will be like this until September,” they chided. I had better get used to these temperatures and learn to exercise accordingly!

Outdoor exercise rocks!

So outdoor exercise works in the evening for me. And, wow, after being cooped up in the gym and studio over the winter, exercising outside in the warm evening air is so exhilarating! It feels like being on holiday!

You can run and you can crunch and you can do all the things you did inside, but it just feels better outside!

Ah, fresh summer air!

Ah, fresh summer air!

Farting during sit ups 🙂

Yes, you read that correctly. Not me, I hasten to add, but a friend, and how we giggled non-stop from there-on in!

It’s going to happen at some point, you just hope it’s not going to be you…… 😉

I bet she didn't let one rip during her sit up....

I bet she didn’t let one rip during her sit up….


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