Hot and sweaty and just in time for breakfast!

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April 6, 2013 by ukdesperatehousewifeusa

Bloggers Breakfast

I went to Baltimore this very morning for breakfast and it was a truly enriching experience.

Rest assured, I came straight from Zumba class (and we did a little extra toning, so I felt entitled to a breakfast treat!) And I was very sweaty and very hot, but it didn’t matter because I felt GREAT!

(FYI, I had an egg, cheese and bean sprout bagel and green tea – I resisted my son’s left-over muffin!)

Being in Baltimore this morning made me feel alive – like my pores were breathing in the atmosphere from last night’s parties, like the culture and history were speaking to me and like this is the kind of experience that really makes being 1000s of miles from home worth it. (‘Cos I am far from home, poor little British girl 😉 )

And so many people out jogging – it was fabulous!

Fells Point
Fells Point

I had a fine time talking blogs and blogging and literature and arts and theatre and exercise and all sorts of marvellous things with the folks from the

What an eclectic mix of people – some in berets (I want one), published authors, writers (someone had written for The Wire, so I was VERY impressed), theatre critics, beer critics, dating bloggers – you’ll find all this stuff on their amazing website. It really is a little bit of everything.

Daily Grind
Daily Grind

And someone said the words ‘nom du plume’. I now really want a ‘nom du plume’ (or I guess that would be ‘nomme du plume’ for me.) Suggestions welcome (exercise related perhaps?!)

Anyhow, thank you Baltimore – a rich and vibrant start to a HOT weekend.

Early morning run

I’m gearing up for a very early morning run tomorrow.

I CANNOT WAIT! I want to go now, but I have not yet digested my bagel!  Tomorrow it shall be!

Get out in the sun while it’s here and take a walk, have a cycle, play soccer.

Go on – it’s good for you!




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