Spring in my step

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April 2, 2013 by ukdesperatehousewifeusa

Happy hormones

Spring is in the air and it is also definitely in my step.

A lovely little bootcamp style / running session this evening confirmed to me that I am definitely v v v much fitter than a year ago and I have stamina, which is good.


Boy, those happy hormones kicked in afterwards. It feels great, especially being outside. I will be transferring a lot of my current exercises to the great outdoors as the weather begins to take a turn for the better. It’s mighty pleasing to inhale that fresh air into your lungs.

Walking stamina sucks

Having just self-praised my athletic stamina, I am confused as to why my walking stamina is so weak. I’m okay with striding with a purpose, but that sort of mooching walking when you’re in a museum or ambling through town – ugh, my body just sort of caves in and feels all achy and pathetic.

How come I can do a 3 hour Zumbathon or take two classes and then do a HIIT programme, but I cannot walk round Washington DC without feeling all weak and feeble and drained and in need of a large glass of wine……?!


My large, and very welcome, glass of wine after three hours walking round the sights of DC.

FitBit Flex

I’ve ordered myself one of these babies so that I can be even more OCD about everything:


It will track my sleep as well as calories out and calories in and all the other stuff. I am really interested in it tracking my sleep because I have become a very bad sleeper and that has such an impact on my eating habits and how I feel generally (which is v v v v v v v v grumpy –  that’s a don’t-even-think-of-coming-near-me-because-I-will-bite-your-frigging-head-off-grumpy – if I don’t have enough sleep!!!) Just so you know 🙂


It doesn’t come out until May, but my order is in. Hoorah!


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