Willpower and cake


January 14, 2013 by ukdesperatehousewifeusa

I have a nemesis, and it comes in the form of children’s parties. Why is this? Because children’s parties are generally full of all the food that we shouldn’t eat, but that I do. Especially the cake.

I workout, I feel good, and I reward my patience and suffering of sitting through a children’s party with cake – that’s slices of cake x2 (one for the workout and one for the patience and suffering).
It’s, as you expect, not ideal. And there is a distinct lack of willpower on my part.
But, there is hope…..
I am beginning to feel something stirring in the abdominal region. When I place my hand on my stomach to crunch, I can feel something, I’m sure (or is it my ribs pushing down?). I would so hope that there is the beginnings of abs, but I am drowning in self-created misery as the scales tell a different story.
In 10 days I have put on 2 pounds and my body fat has gone up 1%. It’s that damn cake.
birthdaycakeI’m eating to add to my calorie level so that I’m not left in a deficit since I am working out so much, which could be wrong, but is stacking up on calories (good and bad) having a negative impact? Most nutritionists would say probably. And now I feel bad. Going to have a slice of cake to cheer myself up…..

2 thoughts on “Willpower and cake

  1. Sometimes you just have to enjoy the moment and pay it back in sweat later lol. Moderation not denial is the key, thanks for the article!

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