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January 10, 2013 by ukdesperatehousewifeusa

So, this week I have determined the following from my workouts:

Clapping – unlike in Zumba, where we clap a lot after a song to show appreciation, people who do Body Pump or Pilates don’t do post-routine clapping.

Pilates Chair is a bit boring and to be honest I needed a nice cup of tea during it, but it worked the core and that’s what I was after.

Body Pump is working all the right areas, and my arms are killing me as required, but with all that music playing I was desperate for some cardio.

I’ve got me an Abs book, which is resting nicely on the coffee table.


It’s quite heavy, so it’s a workout in itself picking it up. I’ll be doing that shortly.

Me = chuffed as have done shed loads of crunches this week (sitting, standing and all sorts), but also me = disappointed as have eaten lots of sugar too 😦

Those abs aren’t going to be appearing any time soon unless I pick up my game.


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