New Year, New Zumba

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December 31, 2012 by ukdesperatehousewifeusa

Zumba Fitness Rocks

So, what is the deal with Zumba Fitness?

Zumba Fitness needs to be on your new year’s resolution list, and pretty near the top, and it pretty much needs to say something along the lines of “Go to three classes a week, try different instructors, and prepare to have a fantastic time, get sweaty and lose pounds.” Now that’s a goal.

Zumba Fitness is an awesome workout that I discovered by chance back in the UK, just as I was entering into a “lose weight, get fit” phase. And now I’m an instructor here in the USA, based in Maryland, throwing shapes and dancing my socks off five times a week. And I love every minute of it.

Yes, it is dancing, and it really is for everyone – all shapes, sizes, abilities and genders. The music is Latin and dance, and the moves are set in modifications so that you can engage at the level that you feel comfortable with. There is high impact, cardio and toning, making it similar to interval training, but with Zumba you also are guaranteed a massive smile on your face and you will feel like you’re at a party. Really you will!

The hour of a Zumba session goes too fast – “are we already at cool down?” I often think. That’s because it incorporates different moves, easy to follow steps and has a ‘formula’ which means you get the rhythm and beat and you’re dancing, really dancing!

There will be songs you know and songs you’ve never heard of, but after a few sessions you’ll be anticipating the next move and feel pretty smug.  Instructors add in new songs and choreography to keep you [literally] on your toes and there is a notion that you become part of the Zumba family.

I’ve found a fantastic Zumba family in Maryland already. And through this I have been inspired to increase my fitness levels even more….setting out my new year goals through my teaching and other fitness classes.




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